Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas memories

Hello everyone,

As it's only a month away until Christmas day (eek!) I thought I would look through my photo albums and share my earliest Christmas memories with you.

 When I was little, my mum and dad always ensured that each Christmas and the lead up to it was just as magical as the last. My mum used to do things that as a child blew my little mind! One Christmas morning, we found that Rudolf had been and had left snowy paw prints in the living room. The next minute, that snowy dust had turned into melted chocolate! As I'm writing this, it doesn't sound like it was real but I remember it quite clearly! During the weeks leading up to Christmas, my brothers, sisters and I would write to our elves. I remember writing letters telling them how my day was and asking questions like how do they make so many toys. One time, my sister wrote her little elf a letter asking for a magazine that had sold out in the shop and about five minutes later it appeared on her bed. I love the effort my mum put into making our Christmases magical and these will be the  things I will pass on to my children so they too can have the best Christmases ever.

This photo brings back very clear memories to me. On Christmas Eve, my little sister Megan and big brother Jordan put out a little feast for Father Christmas, Rudolf and the elves every year which consisted of mince pies and a whisky for Santa, carrot and milk for the reindeer and chocolates and nibbles for the elves - how spoiled were they! We then left our stockings at the end of our beds and just about managed to fall asleep despite the excitement of knowing that Father Christmas was going to be in our house that night putting presents under our tree. On this particular Christmas, I was convinced I heard the jingling of the bells from reindeer that had just landed on our roof. Not wanting Santa to see me awake, I tried my hardest to get to sleep and hid under my covers until it was time to wake up (which was about 5 or 6am on a Christmas morning). I couple of years later, I realised that the sound of the bells I actually heard were in fact the bells from these Forever Friends Christmas bears!

Another thing I can remember is playing in the snow; I'm sure it used to snow a lot more when I was little! My dad is the best at making snowmen. I remember one year he built a snowdog with my brother and it stayed in the garden for days. Here is a picture of the snow fireman we helped him to build, how cute is it?! One thing I really enjoyed was going sledging with my big brother. We spent hours pulling each other along in the little red sledge and sliding down what we thought were mountainous snowy hills (which was in fact a little bridge).

The last photo I am going to share is my pre-school nativity. I love the fact that my little, tiny hands are perfectly manicured with Christmassy red nail varnish thanks to my amazing mum!

what's your favourite Christmas memory?


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A Fun Day in Weston-Super-Mare

13:32 PM

When you go to the seaside you just have to get fish and chips. We arrived with very hungry bellies, so the first thing we did was find a good fish and chip shop! We decided to go on the pier so we had a nice view overlooking the sea whilst eating our chips with windswept hair in the cool, autumn breeze.

The beach was quiet and peaceful, with just a few people and their dogs making the most of the weather before the autumnal and wintry weather kicks in. Once we devoured our chips we made our way into the arcade located at the bottom of the pier. We only planned on going there for about ten minutes...

15:49 PM
A couple of hours have passed and we have only just left the arcade! As children, we were never really allowed to go in arcades because our parents told us that they were a waste of money and you never win anything. They are, but we sure did have fun! I doubt we'll be going back any time soon though. 

First up was a game of air hockey, I did surprisingly well, although Jonny won by one point!  We went on a few of the other games too, like the Jurassic park game where you had to shoot all the dinosaurs to avoid being eaten... we did feel and probably looked like a pair of big kids! After spending quite a while trying to win an Elsa cuddly toy, we decided that we should probably leave and explore the rest of the seaside town before our pockets were empty.

16:45 PM

After a walk on the pier, we went to get ice-cream. No matter how cold it is on the beach you have to get ice-cream! We both got the standard whippy with a chocolate flake, dripping with sweet raspberry sauce. 

A stroll along the beach walking beside the sea ended the day off perfectly. Today was such a fun day and I cannot wait for our next little outing. My favourite part of the day was definitely going to the arcade. Hours whizzed by in what seemed like a matter of minutes of laughter, giggles, winning and a lot of loosing, but all great fun! 


Monday, 5 October 2015

How to make your own Afternoon Tea

Hello everyone,

Going out for afternoon tea can be quite expensive, so why not make your own? I managed to get all of the ingredients that I needed for just over £20 (with plenty of ingredients left to do lots more baking!). Everything I baked here I had never made before, so if you aren't the best baker it doesn't matter! 

 No afternoon tea is complete without scones! A traditional plain scone with sweet strawberry jam and clotted cream sounds delicious, but why not mix it up a bit and go for something savory like these cheese scones? Next up are the delicate sandwiches, either cut into slices or neat little triangles with the fillings of your choice. My favourites for afternoon tea are cheese, ham and cream cheese with cucumber.

Making the desert is the most fun part and this is where you can really show off your creativity. Cakes, cheesecake, petit fours, macarons... anything goes! I baked a deliciously light and fluffy Victoria sponge cake layered with vanilla cream and chunky strawberries. The best thing about making a big cake is that there will be plenty of leftovers! The salted caramel chocolate cheesecake was made by my boyfriend, I think the grated chocolate star on the top gives it such a pretty touch. Accompany your afternoon tea with a selection of teas or a hot chocolate if you prefer and enjoy.

I can now tick make my own afternoon tea off my 25 before 25 list! What's your favourite part of afternoon tea? Will you have a go at making your own?