Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Body Shop | Tea Tree Oil

Known as one of The Body Shop's best beauty gems, Tea Tree Oil is clinically proven to visibly make skin clearer after just one week, removing blemishes, blackheads and oily skin. I have been using this product for about four months now and the difference it has made to my skin has been incredible, so amazing in fact that I had to share this beauty secret with you. Tea tree oil is completely organic and paraben free which means it does only good for your skin. The Body Shop Tea Tree oil is targeted to care for blemished skin containing soothing, antibacterial properties which does not dry out the skin. I noticed the biggest difference after around two weeks of adding tea tree oil to my night time skincare routine. The best way to apply this for me is to put three or four drops onto my hands and pat gently into any blemish prone areas. The smell is quite strong, but I like it as it's very fresh and soothing. With regards to results, after just one night, this greatly reduced any redness and evened out my skin tone. Over using it for quite a few months, I have seen the biggest difference now as my skin is better than it has been in a long time with only the occasional blemish and a much brighter, healthier skin.

Although it may seem expensive at £11 for a 20ml bottle, it is definitely worth the investment. I am only about halfway though the bottle and have been using this generously for over four months. This has now become a staple in my skincare routine and I'll be hurrying to get a new one as soon as it runs out!  I also cannot wait to try out the rest of the tea tree range and see how they compare. Have you tried anything from the Tea Tree Skin Care range?

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Magazine Every Blogger Needs

Imagine a magazine filled page upon page featuring new bloggers for you to discover as well your favourite bloggers who you aspire to. Each page looks and feels of the highest quality, with inspiring content, helpful blog advice, bold and bright photography and pretty flat lays. A perfect addition to your coffee table, a place you can go for inspiration when you have bloggers block, a magazine so aesthetically beautiful that it makes the perfect prop for blog photos. If you haven't already heard... this is Blogosphere Magazine; the magazine for bloggers, written by bloggers.

Blogosphere Magazine is a print publication which is written by bloggers for bloggers and the social media community. The magazine covers a variety of niches, with a category covering something for everyone including food, travel, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, parenting, arts & crafts and photography. In addition to these eight main sections, every issue contains exclusive interviews and reviews from a range of bloggers and influencers. Blogosphere Magazine is distributed internationally so you can order your online copy here, check out your nearest stockist here or check out the new subscription packages which include lots of other exciting things such as entitlement to free Blogosphere workshops and meetups, as well as receiving each issue before it hits the shelves. What's great about this magazine is that it's perfect for finding a multiplicity of new blogs from all corners of the blogosphere.

 The latest issue of Blogosphere features a lovely interview with cover star Ella Grace Denton who talks about womanhood, relationships and the importance of life offline. Other features in the latest issue include an insightful interview from Emma Gannon on being a girl boss (she is doing so many amazing things at the moment and it's so inspiring to read!), An interesting debate on blogging vs journalism, how to get involved in twitter chats and Amelia from xameliax explores the negative impact aspirational content on social media can have on your self-esteem. Every single article in this magazine is amazingly written; there are so many wonderful bloggers out there and I can't wait to have a read of all of these new blogs I have discovered! Reading through this magazine has also inspired me to blog more, I've had a bit of a blog slump lately, but now I'm back and I can't wait to write more content. Also included with the magazine, is an events supplement which features articles of recent blog events and meetups, advice on what to take with you and a list of upcoming events. 

If you turn to page 75, you'll find my feature on budget blogging accessories. In the article, I share my top tips for blog photography on a budget and suggest how to use your living space as inspiration, where to find pretty props and also how to shop on a budget. I absolutely love how my feature turned out! What do you think?

If you're a blogger, aspiring to start up your own blog or simply interested in the online world then this magazine is perfect for you. Each of the 164 pages are jam packed with inspiration and I am sure it will make you love blogging even more than before! I have loved being featured in the magazine, and I'd love to know what you think of it if you have a read! I hope I can write more articles in the future because it's so fun to be a part of and is such a great achievement. This issue will now be on my coffee table for a very long time!

Grab your latest issue of Blogosphere Magazine for just £5 here.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Foodies Festival | Bristol

The sun shines through an almost clear blue sky as smells of summer drifts though the air. Aromas of barbecues and freshly baked goods make your mouth water as soon as you enter through the gates. Festival music echoes through the park and the voices and laughter can be heard from the sea of happy people around, enjoying the sunshine, being with friends, eating good food and enjoying a beer or two. Brightly coloured rainbow stalls fill the park with something for everyone's taste; juicy beef burgers layered with cheese, red onion and pickle, an Indian feast, spicy hot reggae barbecued chicken, freshly baked macaroons in an assortment of flavours, sweet summer strawberries and cream, caramel shortbread cupcakes and so much more. So much choice. Where do you begin?

Over the weekend, Jonny and I wanted to do something a little different, so we headed down to the Foodies Festival in Durdham Downs, Bristol. Foodies Festival is the largest series of food festivals in the UK whereby you can enjoy the chance to see Michelin starred and celebrity chefs cooking delicious recipes and bakes, participate in wine and beer tasting, as well as listen to live bands whilst feasting on a variety of cuisines from artisan producers and street food from around the world. The sun was shining and it couldn't have been a more perfect day. Ever since the sun made it's first appearance a few weeks ago, we've both really been wanting to have a barbecue, so of course the first food we looked for was just that. Before we made our mind up on where to go first, we had a wander around all the was so hard to choose because everything looked so tasty! At last, we opted for a spicy sausage hot-dog from The Great British Sausage Company, it was that yummy that we went there twice!

Whilst thinking about what we wanted to try next, we chilled out in the drinks theatre for a where we enjoyed beer and cider in the sunshine. It was so lovely to sit back and relax and enjoy our day surrounded by lots of happy people having a great time too (sun+alcohol+food=happiness)! After a drink or two, we walked around to see what else we could find. A lot of the stalls had free samples, which were great to nibble on whilst we decided on where to go next. The Mary Berry stand was our favourite as there were lots of dips and chutneys to sample accompanied with crackers and bread. We'll definitely be adding a few of those to our next food shop! Something that caught my eye at the festival was the Spiral Potato stand. Curly potato on a stick? Yes please! There were a variety of flavours, but I went for a traditional salt and pepper which looked and tasted incredible! Jonny opted for garlic salt which was equally as yummy. After the most delicious and juicy burger, we enjoyed a few more drinks before heading home.

We both had such a lovely day and came away with many goodies which were devoured once we got home; macaroons, cupcakes and homemade raspberry marshmallows. I can't wait to go to the Foodies Festival next year!

Have you ever been to the Foodies Festival?